Cédric Pontet

Cédric Pontet
Agile, Pragmatic, Passionate, Playful


Cédric is a seasoned Lean/Agile practitioner and a software expert. He started his software engineering career in Luxembourg in 2001 and began his journey to agility in 2003.

Since 2005, he has been happily employed at Agile Partner, where he has worked on a large variety of projects for customers in both public and private sectors. Gaining experience and acquiring new technical and soft skills, he is now frequently assuming different roles within a team, such as architect, agile coach, or ALM & DevOps expert.

Occasional speaker, Cédric is also the co-founder of #play14, a playful event about games used as a metaphor to foster learning, innovation, change and happiness.
Steel in the cloud
(Talk, Intermediate)
Selling products online is quite a common thing nowadays, and you can find plenty of standard and open source platforms to do that. Selling and shipping 40 tons steel coils in less than 48 hours is maybe a bit less common.

In this talk, I will explain how we helped our customer change it's business model and it's relationships with more than 20.000 users by implementing an online sales and order tracking system for their very specific business, both in Europe and South America.

The system is deployed on Azure, implementing DDD and CQRS when it makes sense. I will explain the design decisions we took and the trade-offs we faced while developing this very specific e-commerce platform.

Technologies used are Angular2 and Node.js using TypeScript as a common language. Leveraging the PaaS capabilities of Azure and its messaging capabilities, the platform integrates seamlessly with several heterogeneous back office systems. Infrastructure has been commoditized to reduce time to market and focus on offering the customer an easy and rich experience, providing a real competitive advantage.

The project is developed following an Lean startup/Agile/DevOps approach, The development process implements continuous integration and continuous delivery to minimize the deployment effort, as well as production monitoring.

All these aspects will be addressed in this talk, in a very concrete and pragmatic way. Hopefully you will be able to go back with some tricks and avoid some of the caveats we faced.



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